compassbooksincAs a mother who has been reading to her three children every night since they were three-months old, and as a professor of Political Science teaching and researching about Muslims and the West, I realised there was a lack of high quality and age-appropriate materials in English about Islam and Muslims on the market.  I co-founded Compass Books with Tammy Soumas, who has a graphic design background and her own passionate interest in top-quality English and English/Arabic books for Muslims.  We later teamed up with our very talented illustrator, Heather Greenwood, who, due to her homeschooling and design background shared our vision for Compass Books.

We also recognised a growing demand for good books about Islam and Muslims appropriate for use in the secular public schools of Western countries.

At present, our publishing focus is educational material for adults or children about Islam and Muslims for the English-speaking market.  We hope that our books will help ground Muslim children as Muslims growing up in the multi-cultural societies of the West, where they can claim multiple identities, as Muslims, and as English-speaking Westerners.  We hope that our books will help familiarise our non-Muslim compatriots with our faith, with our identities as Muslim Westerners, and be a source of bridge-building between these two very complex heritages.

About the Founders

Katherine Bullock completed her PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto in 1999.  She has been teaching a course on “Islam and Politics” at the University of Toronto since 2002.

Her publications include: Muslim Women Activists in North America: Speaking for Ourselves and Rethinking Muslim Women and the Veil: Challenging Historical and Modern Stereotypes which has been translated into French and Turkish.  She was the editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences from 2003 – 2008.

She is a community activist and lectures frequently, both to Muslim and non-Muslim groups.  Originally from Australia, she lives in Mississauga with her husband and children.  She embraced Islam in 1994.

Tammy Soumas graduated from TRIOS College in 2001 with a diploma in web design. She has worked in various projects in web design and in a consulting capacity. She also works as a freelance photographer. She currently resides in the UK with her family and works as a radio show host. She has been a Muslim since the early 90’s.

Heather Greenwood graduated in 1986 from Humber College, Toronto with a diploma in Graphic Design. Since then she has worked in commercial printing companies, design studios and as a designer for a magazine.  She now free lances as a graphic designer and illustrator from home.  She is also currently preparing for an exhibition of her original oils and watercolours for a gallery in London, Ontario.  Heather home-schooled her five children for ten years.  They lived on a farm north of Toronto for five years, and then moved to Egypt for three years.  They returned to Canada, and settled in London, Ontario, where her children attend high school and university.  Heather converted to Islam in 1986.