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As a mother who has been reading to her three children every night since they were three-months old, and as a professor of Political Science teaching and researching about Muslims and the West, I realised there was a lack of high quality and age-appropriate materials in English about Islam and Muslims on the market.  I co-founded Compass Books with Tammy Soumas, who has a graphic design background and her own passionate interest in top-quality English and English/Arabic books for Muslims.  We later teamed up with our very talented illustrator, Heather Greenwood, who, due to her homeschooling and design background shared our vision for Compass Books.

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Mercy: Prophet Muhammad’s Legacy to All Creation

Available as ebook only.

By: Ibrahim H Malabari

Mercy: Prophet Muhammad’s Legacy to All Creation is a devotional work cataloging the many ways in which the Prophet Muhammad (ص) brought Mercy to all creation. The author draws on Qur’anic verses and sayings of the Prophet (ص) to highlight the diverse ways in which the Almighty God has showed us how to be merciful to his entire creation, be it animate or inanimate.

Through stories of the Prophet Muhammad (ص), and earlier prophets, like Solomon (Suleiman (ص)), we learn how we ought to be kind and compassionate to animals, even bees and ants; we learn how to respect the environment; and we learn how to be gentle and merciful with people, from children, the elderly, women, and the poor, to our enemies.

The book demonstrates the everlasting legacy the Prophet Muhammad (ص) has made to humanity through these teachings of mercy. It compares this beneficial legacy with the picture painted of him by a long history of defamation and slander against the Prophet (ص) that began with his pagan enemies and continued through a mostly hostile western intellectual history. The author concludes with a reminder of the Prophet Muhammad’s (ص) spiritual presence and personal integrity.
The book is ideal for anyone wishing to learn the truly gentle nature of the Prophet Muhammad (ص).

The incessant drumbeat of civilizational conflict has made it incumbent upon Muslims living in the West to rearticulate a vision of the religion in light of the timeless challenges humanity faces today. By expounding on the role of compassion in Islam and as embodied in the life of its Prophet, the author has rescued a discourse now threatened by misconception, innuendo and Islamophobia and refocused attention here it rightly belongs on the universal pursuit of peace. This is the strength of Malabari’s contribution: a book that should be read by anyone who believes in justice, loves mercy and seeks to tread on the path of mutual understanding.

Anwar Ibrahim, PhDFormer Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a Mercy not only to humankind but to the entire creation. This is a dimension that needed articulation based on objective research. Ibrahim Malabari’s book is a piece of original research and innovative interpretation. It is a unique contribution to the study of the life and impact of the Prophet of Islam. To the best of my knowledge this is the first study of the seerah (biography of the Prophet (pbuh)) from this perspective. Its relevance increases many times because of the ecological crisis presently faced by the developed and under-developed world. This crisis is primarily because of the one-dimensional approach to economic development and the misguided view of “conquest of nature” as compared to the Prophetic idea that nature and human beings are partners in a common effort to fulfill the Divine Will on the earth. This book on the Prophet’s (pbuh) life offers light which may enable humankind to overcome the crisis that is threatening the future of civilization.

Prof. Khurshid Ahmad

Senator, Pakistan

This distinguished author filled gaps and presents answers for many bewildering questions concerning the life of the Great Prophet (pbuh)… traversing through Prophetic history, vast spiritual horizons…

Shaikh Rashid al-Ghannoushi

Philosopher and Reformer, Tunisia

Muslims and non-Muslims alike will benefit from this richly textured account of Muhammad’s compassion and mercy for all of creation…

John L. Esposito, PhD

Director, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University

Ibrahim Malabari was born in India in 1937. He graduated from the Islamiyya University in Kerala, and the Islamic University in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He was Director of Toronto’s Jami Mosque for over sixteen years. He is a founding member of Alithihdul Alami Liulamail Muslimeen(The International Federation of Muslim Scholars), and is currently Vice-President of the International Organization For the Legacy Of The Prophet. He lives in Toronto with his wife and four children.