Open Perfect Eid Day is written by a public school librarian making it suitable for schools.

One Perfect Eid Day and No More Cake! is a counting book about the Muslim holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of Ramadan.


$10.00 – 24 Pages – Full Colour, Paperback ISBN 9781988796000


The little tree has always wanted to travel, especially to Mecca, to perform Hajj (an Islamic religious pilgrimage). But how can he travel when his roots are in the ground? Find out how his dream comes true, and he makes the journey of a lifetime. “A Little Tree Goes For Hajj” is an ideal educational tool to introduce the Hajj to children who are learning about important rituals in different world religions; includes a glossary with short definitions and explanations for readers unfamiliar with Hajj.

$10.00 – 24 Pages – Full Colour, Paperback   –  with Glossary

ISBN 9780986848117


The Colours of My Eid is written by a public school librarian making it suitable for schools.

The Colours of My Eid opens a window to the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha and the Hajj pilgrimage from a child’s perspective.  Eid is a colourful holiday and every colour encountered evokes beautiful memories of the Hajj trip from the year before.   Non-fiction text boxes provide further explanation of Hajj suitable for older children, teachers and parents.

$10.00 – 20 Pages – Full Colour, Paperback,

Informative Sidebars

ISBN 9781988796017

When the little tree and his friend stop at her pond for a rest on their journey, Tamara learns about Ramadan as well as a life-changing lesson about sharing.


Written and Illustrated by Eman Salem

$10.00 – 32 Pages  –  Full Colour,

Paperback ISBN 9780986848179

In the midst of a cold, gloomy winter day, Zainab and her classmates long for the full bloom and radiant warmth of summer. They all miss the hot sun, the full trees, and the outdoor adventures that summer brings. While they take turns describing their favourite trees and pastimes, Zainab listens attentively. She decides she has a completely different tree in mind – a tree unlike any other. A tree that can be found in only one place: Paradise.

$10.00 – 24 Pages – Full Colour,

Paperback – English/Arabic

ISBN 9780986848155

Can Esa and Sol find Zarkali’s missing astrolabe?   Help them choose what to do on their adventure as they search for it.  The right choices will lead to discovering some ancient missing Hebrew and Arabic scriptures along the way, and the wrong choices will lead to dead-ends.  Fourteen possible endings.


$ 11.00 - 80 Pages – Paperback Novel


ISBN 9781988796031

Written by Asma Maryam Ali

When Aliyah moves with her family from Freshtown to Dumpton, she finds a smelly surprise! The residents of Dumpton are kind and generous but they have one very bad habit: littering. How will Aliyah convince her new neighbours to stop trashing their town?


$8.00 - 36 Pages – Paperback Novel

Discussion Questions

ISBN 9780986848193

Written by Sumayyah Hussein


What Do You Say? An Islamic Manners and Morals Book that tells the story of a boy who meets Violet, the dragon.  They fly off on an adventure to meet trolls and a sea monster while learning some basic Islamic dua such as how to greet someone and what to say when someone sneezes.  Together they solve problems and become friends.

ISBN 9781988796024

$10.00 Paperback 28 pages


Written by Suzanne Muir

Illustrated by David Anothony

This delightful box set of four board books will help little ones learn Numbers, Shapes, Colours and Opposites all in a Masjid/Mosque setting. Designed to appeal to inquisitive eyes and minds. Makes a lovely gift for youngsters.


ISBN 9780981102153

Author: Katherine Bullock

Illustrator Heather Greenwood


Mustafa is a friendly boy whose anger alienates his friends. Can a trip to Mecca and meeting Haneef help him control his anger?


With Hadith references and discussion questions


$8.00 – 44 Pages – Paperback Novel

Discussion Questions, Hadiths & Resources

ISBN 9780986848131

Written by Hadeel Aziz and Katherine Bullock